Hurse 1995


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There was, of course, the official mascot of The Alley store–the hurse. They would park it out next to the Dunkin’ Donuts on Belmont and Clark or it would be here next to the entrance.

Views From The Alley 1995


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I used to go to The Alley back in 1989 as a teenager and still shopped there well into my twenties. You could buy anything from Doc Martens to biker jackets, to incense there. Anyone who was into the whole Punk/Goth/New Wave scene shopped there. Yes, the back entrance is in an alley. When this photo was taken, it had these great murals that featured many Rock icons such as Elvis, John Lennon, and Jim Morrison. Since then, they seemed to become more commercialized. It’s not the same as it was. Maybe its me being older, but, it used to have this great vibe that was reflected by the eclectic neighborhood. Don’t ever grow up!

Argyle Street 1994


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Little Vietnam in the Northeast fringe of Uptown, is an Asian community spanning a few blocks centered on the Red Line Argyle stop. The area always seems busy due to the many businesses crammed into those few blocks. 

Get Me High, 1995


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The Get Me High Jazz lounge in Bucktown. It’s still around, just renovated. This section, like all of the Bucktown/Wicker Park area in the 1990’s was going through a major shift as new condos and town homes were replacing older homes here. Today, this block is only vaguely reminiscent of this photo. To the right is the old railroad tracks which the city is currently turning into a 2.2 mile trail they dubbed The 606. Still haven’t gone inside.

Public Phone, Clybourn and Sheffield 1995


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Remember when there were plenty of these? I remember that and how this area looked as it was slowly building up to what it is today. Long ago, this area was loaded with factories and warehouses that slowly gave way to upscale businesses and sport bars. It still had some of it’s gritty charm when I took this. It would not be very long before the rest of the gentrified Lincoln Park would overtake it.

Near The Alley 1994


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This is the other side of the street from my previous post: 900 Block of Belmont Looking West. On this side of the street, is where all the action on Saturday night was. The kids coming to and from Meduas’s would congregate along here back in the late 80’s. There were always interesting characters hanging around here.

The Aragon 1994


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This is the photo that EVERYONE in my class seemed to rave about. The composition, the lighting, etc. etc. To tell you the truth, it was a fluke. I was standing by the EL doors as the train entered the Lawrence Ave. station. I looked out the window and The Aragon caught my eye–I have a thing for old theater signs. Just as the train was about to depart the station, I quickly snapped two shots. This is one of them. As much as I’ll admit that this shot was a fluke, It did define this project. Views of the city, or simply, Urban Views.

Red Line Near Irving and Sheridan, 1994


©2013. Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

I saw this one day riding the Red Line up north to explore the city. I lived on the northwest side and never felt like I saw the city until I started photographing it. This mural was on a wall somewhere near Irving Park And Sheridan — close to Uptown. Being so used to an environment that seemed semi- suburban, these views seemed more ‘real’. As I felt some uneasiness, I also felt inspired. I began to see what my project was about. Focus…

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