1. I’ve been a photographer since 1993.

2. First real camera: Minolta SRT-MC. Currently using: Canon 6D

3. I live in Chicago. I love photographing urban areas, especially Chicago.

4. People have said that my work looks like it could’ve been photographed fifty years ago. Well, a lot of the subjects were around fifty years ago.

5. Was taught photography at Wright College in Chicago by documentary photographer Meg Gerken. She hated that I like to use wide-angle lenses a lot. She said it wasn’t good to use that on architectural photography. Except, I wasn’t shooting architectural photography. We use to argue about this all the time. LOL.

6. One of these years, I’ll master landscape photography. Some of my peers already have!

7. I have had my work exhibited in a variety of places: Wright College Student Exhibit 1994, Nine Visions, 1996, Excalibur Dome Room 1997, Around The Coyote, 1997, Da Nicola Restaurant 1996-1998. 

8. Worked as lab technician at the Wright College Photo Lab from 1995-2000. Oversaw maintenance of black and white chemicals, a color printer, and tried to be a guru to many aspiring photographers.

9. Would like to photograph Europe one day.

10. I am totally amused nowadays by how the younger kids are fascinated with old school film photography as much as they are with vinyl records.

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