Captain Cubbo

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My Co-Worker Roberto is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. Growing up, he lived across the street from Wrigley Field on Sheffield Avenue. About four years ago, he decided to create a character based on The Cubs when taking his kids to Comic-Con. That was the genesis of what became his alter ego: Captain Cubbo. Since then, he’s appeared at many games dressed in character, much to the delight of fans. He’s even been well received at a St. Louis Cardinals game! Captain Cubbo has been spotted by TV cameras and appears frequently on La Vida Baseball podcasts.


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Back in 2015, I photographed Luke on a frigid January day. He’s writer and director and, at the time, just graduated from college. He was looking for some photos to put up on his website and I needed subjects to photograph.  I liked the overall look and theme that the cold weather provided, as well as the lighting. Luke now lives in Los Angeles and works in the film industry. 

Jim, 1998

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I took these portraits of my friend Jim by his parents old house in Chicago’s Norwood Park neighborhood. These were taken in the summer of 1998 during a time when we were into the Swing Revival subculture that was happening. We wore suits and fedoras and hit the clubs. We looked like our grandparents in their youth. Jim was a really good model too! I miss that old “Woody” station wagon. 



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Back in 2015, I acquired some lighting equipment and began to explore my portrait lighting skills. My friend, Geraldo allowed himself to be my test subject. Although mostly for testing purposes, these came out really well. Lighting was done via an umbrella with flash.


Jejune-1998-Jejune-4-1998-Jejune-2-1998-Jejune-5-1998-©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

Back in the 1990’s, a couple friends of mine had a punk band called Jejune. Patrick was around fourteen or fifteen when he formed the band with his friend Mike. Chris joined as a bass player shortly thereafter. They played a lot of shows in the Chicago area and had enough of a following that they put out a cassette demo.  When Mike left as drummer, they revived the band for a short time in 1998 with their friend Guppy on drums. They asked me to photograph them one afternoon during band practice. I took these during their break. The first three were imagined for album artwork that never happened.

Tim, 1997

tim-by-the-laketim-taco©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

I found these two great photos of my friend , Tim on a roll of Ilford that I shot back in June of 1997. Most of the roll were photos of my Urban Views project. From what I can see, Tim was apparently tagging along with me that day down in the South Loop. These two photos really capture the real Tim. He wasn’t posing for band pics and looking like a rock star–he was just being himself. I miss that the most.

Happy 42nd Birthday Tim– All Eyes On The Stars.

The Metal One II

Chris-close-up-colorChris-Masoleum©2018 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.


Here’s a couple of color photos from the same session with my cousin Chris. The closeup shot could’ve been on the back cover of an LP or the cover of a magazine back in the 70’s.

The Metal One

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My cousin Chris had been asking me for a while if I could take some photos of him. I finally gave in around the end of this past summer. We approached this as a pseudo band photo shoot. I tried to bring out the “metal” in him while also implying some of the dark humor that he’s known for away from the serious persona that the metal bassist brings.

Squelch, Evanston 1997

Lighthouse-beach-5 Lighthouse-beach-10 Chris-and-Tim

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This was the first of many photoshoots I did for the band Squelch. They were a very experimental, psychedelic noise rock band. It’s definitely hard to categorize. Probably close to Sonic Youth. We did these photos at Lighthouse beach in Evanston, IL after several failed attempts in other locations. I saw this band grow and eventually disband due to the restraints of everyday life. I befriended a few of them, namely Tim ,Chris, and Tim’s brother Patrick who was not in the band at this point. I’ve also collaborated with them on different musical projects over the years. Unfortunately, Tim passed away a couple years ago. It’s a loss that is still a hard pill for me to swallow.

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