The Green Mill, 1996


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The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge first opened in 1907. Over the years, it was a favorite hangout of Al Capone, complete with access to prohibition era secret tunnels to elude the police. Since then it has become known for hosting great live Jazz and its famous Uptown Poetry Slam.

Muskie’s 1996


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Muskie’s…for good ‘ol American fast food. It used to have another location (The Belmont and Sheffield location closed), but this one on Lincoln and George is just as good. I have fond memories of Muskie’s.  I never got a photo of the Belmont location–that was the one that I went to a lot . My friends and I used to stop there for the 69¢ basket of fries before heading into Medusa’s night club on Sheffield. The price for the fries no longer exists either!

Parking For The Golden Apple Only, 1996


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Located across from St. Alphonsus church in Lake View (intersection of Southport and Lincoln) , this 24 hour diner has been open for over 40 years. It has great food. The day I took this shot, I was walking past the parking lot and saw this. For some reason, I always liked this photo. Yeah, it’s just a “Parking for this restaurant only” sign, but it looked just as nostalgic as the restaurant itself.

Approaching Storm/Belmont Bus 1995


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From what I recall, I was with my girlfriend around Belmont and Broadway just hanging out when a storm was approaching. It got dark and very windy. I think it was early afternoon. Always fascinated with storms, I started taking pictures while people were looking for a place to hide out. A few minutes later, we too ran for cover as it started to come down in buckets along with frequent lightning. I was lucky enough to get a few shots. This was one of them.

‘L’ Tracks 1995


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The Chicago ‘L’ tracks are one of the most iconic things about this city. To think at one point in the 1960’s the city had considered dismantling the old elevated tracks in favor of a new subway system. They decided to keep the elevated tracks and utilized the subway elsewhere. The Brown (pictured above near the Fullerton station), Red, Green, Pink, and Purple lines all run elevated except the portions of the Red that run downtown in the subway. Riding the ‘L’ is one of the best ways to view Chicago.

Jewish Graceland Cemetery 1995



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One day during the summer of ’95, I accompanied a colleague who worked with me at the Wright College Photo Lab on a photo shoot. He was photographing Jewish Graceland cemetery on North Clark Street. I brought my camera along and took some photos, although I’m not a big cemetery shooter. It was an interesting place, mainly because it was very old and, unfortunately, a lot of the tombstones were either falling apart or vandalized. These are a couple from that roll of film.

3000 N. Broadway 1995


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This is Broadway and Briar in the Lake View neighborhood. The area saw plenty of change in the nineties. Reckless Records is still in the area, although they moved across the street. Various new bars and restaurants opened up as well. As a side note : It was around this time that I bought a couple new lenses. One was a 135mm, and the other was a 28mm wide angle lens. I began to incorporate the wide angle lens quite a bit. Dramatic angles also began to appear in my photographs. It was a interesting way for me to explore the next phase of Urban Views: one that had more of a surreal touch to it.

Girl Juice 1995


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You would find the most interesting graffiti art walking along the Belmont rocks. This was one of many. Several years ago, they rebuilt the shoreline between Fullerton and Addison due to erosion and a lot of the history faded away.

Belmont Rocks 1995


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The rocks along the shore next to Belmont Harbor was a place where my friends and I would hang out at night. It was (and probably still is)  a “make out” spot and a place where you could get drunk or stoned. I have fond memories of this spot. The best thing was just looking out onto Lake Michigan into the darkness.