Belle Shore Hotel, 2012


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The Belle Shore Apt. Hotel is a vintage building located on Bryn Mawr in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood. This building and several others in the area have been renovated in recent years as this area has been gentrifying. 

Northwest Tower (AKA The Coyote Building), 2012


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The Northwest Tower is a well known landmark in Chicago. You can see it on the horizon as you come up from the subway on the Blue Line. Once you see it, you know that you have reached Wicker Park. It was built in 1928 and in the 1980’s became known as the Coyote building because the artists who were living there thought it resembled a howling coyote– thus how they got the name for the Around The Coyote Arts festival.

Cermak Bus, 2012


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This was west of Chinatown as a Cermak bus sped by going east. There has been a lot redevelopment in the area as of late. This is not your grandparents near South Side anymore. Its industrial past is fading.

Logan Sign 2013


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I had just got off the #56 Milwaukee bus when I saw the Logan Theater sign lit up. All things pointed to a potential photograph here so I kindly obliged!

Portage Theater 2011


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The Portage Theater on Milwaukee Avenue is one of the oldest movie houses in Chicago. It currently plays silent and classic films as well as hosting events. The Portage Theater is the home of the Silent Film Society of Chicago. It was used for interior shots to stand in for the Biograph Theater in the movie “Public Enemies”.  There’s talk of the new owner’s plan to possibly turn it into a live venue. Just as long as they don’t tear it down. It has a loyal following in Portage Park.

Older And Newer, 2011

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The Willis (or Sears, as I prefer to call it)Tower peeks out from behind the older buildings of the Chicago skyline on a frigid, January day. Chicago has a pretty diverse skyline.


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