The Green Mill, 1996


©2013 Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge first opened in 1907. Over the years, it was a favorite hangout of Al Capone, complete with access to prohibition era secret tunnels to elude the police. Since then it has become known for hosting great live Jazz and its famous Uptown Poetry Slam.

Argyle Street 1994


©2013 Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

Little Vietnam in the Northeast fringe of Uptown, is an Asian community spanning a few blocks centered on the Red Line Argyle stop. The area always seems busy due to the many businesses crammed into those few blocks. 

The Aragon 1994


©2013. Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

This is the photo that EVERYONE in my class seemed to rave about. The composition, the lighting, etc. etc. To tell you the truth, it was a fluke. I was standing by the EL doors as the train entered the Lawrence Ave. station. I looked out the window and The Aragon caught my eye–I have a thing for old theater signs. Just as the train was about to depart the station, I quickly snapped two shots. This is one of them. As much as I’ll admit that this shot was a fluke, It did define this project. Views of the city, or simply, Urban Views.

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