Squelch, Evanston 1997

Lighthouse-beach-5 Lighthouse-beach-10 Chris-and-Tim

© 2014 Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

This was the first of many photoshoots I did for the band Squelch. They were a very experimental, psychedelic noise rock band. It’s definitely hard to categorize. Probably close to Sonic Youth. We did these photos at Lighthouse beach in Evanston, IL after several failed attempts in other locations. I saw this band grow and eventually disband due to the restraints of everyday life. I befriended a few of them, namely Tim ,Chris, and Tim’s brother Patrick who was not in the band at this point. I’ve also collaborated with them on different musical projects over the years. Unfortunately, Tim passed away a couple years ago. It’s a loss that is still a hard pill for me to swallow.

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