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Perkolator Coffee is located in Portage Park, a northwest side neighborhood of Chicago. I go there regularly to work on photos, to blog for my website, or to work on a graphic novel that I’m co-writing. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and change the scenery in order to clear your head and let yourself run free and create. Perkolator reminds me of the coffeehouses I went to in the early nineties. I would spend the afternoons reading Beat literature and drinking bottomless cups of coffee until my hands were shaking. Good times.

Portage Theater 2011


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The Portage Theater on Milwaukee Avenue is one of the oldest movie houses in Chicago. It currently plays silent and classic films as well as hosting events. The Portage Theater is the home of the Silent Film Society of Chicago. It was used for interior shots to stand in for the Biograph Theater in the movie “Public Enemies”.  There’s talk of the new owner’s plan to possibly turn it into a live venue. Just as long as they don’t tear it down. It has a loyal following in Portage Park.

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