Old Absinthe House- NOLA

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Old Absinthe House. The French Quarter bar that’s has a 200 plus year history. The place where a pirate named Jean Lafitte made a deal with Andrew Jackson and in return helped propel the British from advancing down the Mississippi and ended the War of 1812.

Favela Chic- NOLA

©2020 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

One of the many fine music clubs located on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans. Its on a strip of about 15 venues that play music of all genres (although the main draw is jazz, of course) from the afternoon until well into the wee hours. This area has such an electricity to it. It’s perfect. It must not change!

Graffiti Art- NOLA

©2020 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

Art takes on many levels of expression. This is so true in a place like New Orleans. This was off of Frenchmen Street in the Marigny. The combination of tones and text heightens the message here. The message itself is subjective.

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