Hoover Dam, 2006

hoove-dam-facadehoover-dam-1©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve been to Hoover Dam twice. The first time was seeing it on a guided tour in the mid 1990’s. The second was in 2006. I was shocked by how low the water line was. It’s noticeable in the picture above by the white “bathtub ring”. That year Lake Mead was the lowest point since the 1960’s. It’s levels have continued to drop since. It could be below its threshold of 1,075 ft. by 2020.

Joshua Tree, 2006

joshua-tree©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

Heading west on US 93, We came across some scattered Joshua Trees. This is not part of the national park–that is in California near the Nevada border. I knew that I wanted to photograph one of these simply because of the U2 angle. They are magnificent up close.

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