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I thought of the name Urban Hues many years ago as a color counterpart of the Urban Views project. That title actually dates back to 1995 when I was still in college. I played around with different concepts over the years and nothing seemed to stick. Recently while looking back at my work over the past ten years, I discovered  that the images that drew me in were that of murals and graffiti art.
This mural literally made me stop in my tracks. I shot this very recently while walking down Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square. It is colorful, it is detailed, and it is mesmerizing. If anything made you miss the laughs you got from the late Robin Williams, then this beautiful mural of him in front of his Aladdin character would do it.

Bowie Box

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Walking north on Humboldt Boulevard in Logan Square, you’re immediately embraced by the vintage charm of the early 20th century homes and the green space of a grand old boulevard of a bygone era. And then you can stumble upon something like this. This is a book renting box that have been popping up in certain neighborhoods in Chicago lately. I was very fond of this particular one. RIP David Bowie.

Bank Mural, Logan Square

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So about twenty five years ago, the former LaSalle Bank had a mural depicting a tragic arson fire where three firefighters lost their lives. It was a huge mural and was magnificent. Then, sometime in the late 90’s to early 2000’s, Bank of America said it needed remove the mural due to weather damage. In response to the outcry of taking the original away, the bank commissioned some artists to remake the mural on a billboard away from the bank’s wall. The newer mural, although a close copy, does not quite live up to the original’s emotion and grace.

Diversey-River Bowl 1996

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This great old sign was beckoning for me to capture it one day in 1996. Diversey-River Bowl is located on Logan Boulevard and Diversey Parkway. Much of the area has changed since this photo was taken. New condo lofts and retail have taken over by the river,  removing the grittiness the area once had. Today,  the sign has been updated with a LED readout. The Lathrop Homes (public housing complex)  just east of there remains as the city is currently renovating them.

Logan Square L Platform

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The Logan Square blue line station has two entrances; the main one at Kedzie, and one a block north at Spaulding. Entering at Spaulding, there’s a block long platform walk to get to where the train stops. This was taken on a Saturday morning. The fluorescent lights dominated the scene. It was unusually quiet for all of five minutes until the next train arrived and people went about their daily routine.

Looking Up, Looking Down, 2013


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This is from my first official portrait shoot. Olivia is on the left, and Natalie is on the right. Both women are really good friends and got lost in conversation while we hung out at New Wave Coffee in Logan Square. For me this was great because a) I was allowed to become invisible, b) the lighting was great, and c) both are very natural in this shot.

Logan Sign 2013


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I had just got off the #56 Milwaukee bus when I saw the Logan Theater sign lit up. All things pointed to a potential photograph here so I kindly obliged!

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