Park, 1996

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When I was really young, I remember seeing these City Of Chicago parking lots all over the city. They were eventually phased out by the 1980’s . Back then, community shopping areas were the norm. The big box stores of today were not around. You had your neighborhood grocer, perhaps a fruit market, a bank, a library, and maybe a department store to buy some clothes. These lots allowed  you to park your car off the main street and then walk to whatever store you were going to.

Alley Mural- Lincoln Square

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Saw this while heading to the Western Brown Line stop. I was messing around with Hipstamatic at the time. It reminds me of some of the cross-processing experiments I did back in the 90’s. Cross Processing for those who don’t know is where you would shoot color slide film and then have it processed in C-41 color print film development. This rather rogue method would create exaggerated contrast and color shifts to the images.

Davis Theatre 2010


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Up further north on Lincoln Avenue, we find the Davis Theater. It’s located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood and was built in 1918. In 1999, it was slated for demolition by developers but the community stepped in and saved it. Lincoln Square is great neighborhood , by the way. On the day I took this photo, it was around five degrees fahrenheit and after I took this shot, I made a b-line for some hot tea at the Starbucks across the street!

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