Fire Escape, 1996


©2014  Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

I believe this was taken somewhere in Lincoln Park. These old fire escapes always evoke a noir-like feeling in me. It’s   like in a old black and white film where the bad guy escapes on a rainy night down the fire escape in order to get away.

Vintage Townhomes, 1996


© 2013 Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

I walking out of the old Tower Records in Lincoln Park when I looked up and saw these vintage town homes on Belden. These beautiful, historic buildings are a testament of how diverse Chicago’s architecture is. When this was taken, this area of Lincoln Park had already been gentrified.

Public Phone, Clybourn and Sheffield 1995


©2013. Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

Remember when there were plenty of these? I remember that and how this area looked as it was slowly building up to what it is today. Long ago, this area was loaded with factories and warehouses that slowly gave way to upscale businesses and sport bars. It still had some of it’s gritty charm when I took this. It would not be very long before the rest of the gentrified Lincoln Park would overtake it.

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