Frida K.

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This beautiful piece by artist Robert Valadez is located across the street from the 18th Street Pink line station. It adorned the side of a proposed Latin themed dance hall. A proper and very colorful depiction of Frida Kahlo.

Jefferson Park

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Jefferson Park terminal is sort of the epicenter of Chicago’s Northwest side. Located in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, it’s terminal connects the Metra commuter rail line, the CTA Blue line, and several bus routes. The terminal opened in 1970 and marked the end of the rapid transit line until the CTA expanded it’s service to O’Hare airport in 1984.


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This is the Ashland stop on the Green Line. Here you can transfer to the Pink Line to travel south. When crossing over, you walk up the stairs and cross over via a pedestrian bridge. It’s a fantastic viewpoint to see the skyline to the east. The elements on this day made it perfect.

Pay Phone, Harlem Station

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Remember these? Once upon a time your parents would always tell you to keep some change on you in case you needed to call home. In the days before cell phones, this was the only way to make a call while not at home. Pay phones have been disappearing for years and I was surprised to still see one at the Harlem blue line station while waiting for my bus.   It was the perfect set up of lighting and nostalgia.

Logan Square L Platform

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The Logan Square blue line station has two entrances; the main one at Kedzie, and one a block north at Spaulding. Entering at Spaulding, there’s a block long platform walk to get to where the train stops. This was taken on a Saturday morning. The fluorescent lights dominated the scene. It was unusually quiet for all of five minutes until the next train arrived and people went about their daily routine.

Cermak Bus, 2012


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This was west of Chinatown as a Cermak bus sped by going east. There has been a lot redevelopment in the area as of late. This is not your grandparents near South Side anymore. Its industrial past is fading.

Approaching Storm/Belmont Bus 1995


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From what I recall, I was with my girlfriend around Belmont and Broadway just hanging out when a storm was approaching. It got dark and very windy. I think it was early afternoon. Always fascinated with storms, I started taking pictures while people were looking for a place to hide out. A few minutes later, we too ran for cover as it started to come down in buckets along with frequent lightning. I was lucky enough to get a few shots. This was one of them.

‘L’ Tracks 1995


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The Chicago ‘L’ tracks are one of the most iconic things about this city. To think at one point in the 1960’s the city had considered dismantling the old elevated tracks in favor of a new subway system. They decided to keep the elevated tracks and utilized the subway elsewhere. The Brown (pictured above near the Fullerton station), Red, Green, Pink, and Purple lines all run elevated except the portions of the Red that run downtown in the subway. Riding the ‘L’ is one of the best ways to view Chicago.

Chess, 2011


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Snow covered chess board on a cold January day. This is located right next to the Logan Square station. In the warmer months, locals would hang out here. On this day it was all by its lonesome.

Blue, 2011


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Entrance to the Logan Square Blue Line station. On this day it looked even bluer against the backdrop of a bitterly cold January day. Updated version.

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