Uptown Theater, 1996


©2013 Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

 It’s sad to see the Uptown Theater. It’s still closed just as it has been since the early eighties. There’s always talk of reopening it as a live venue. It tried that back in the 1970’s. Hopefully, it will one day have the success this grand old palace deserves. As a side note: this photograph reminds me of the Uptown photos by Bob Rehak which, by the way, are incredible. .

The Green Mill, 1996


©2013 Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge first opened in 1907. Over the years, it was a favorite hangout of Al Capone, complete with access to prohibition era secret tunnels to elude the police. Since then it has become known for hosting great live Jazz and its famous Uptown Poetry Slam.

3000 N. Broadway 1995


©2013 Mike Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

This is Broadway and Briar in the Lake View neighborhood. The area saw plenty of change in the nineties. Reckless Records is still in the area, although they moved across the street. Various new bars and restaurants opened up as well. As a side note : It was around this time that I bought a couple new lenses. One was a 135mm, and the other was a 28mm wide angle lens. I began to incorporate the wide angle lens quite a bit. Dramatic angles also began to appear in my photographs. It was a interesting way for me to explore the next phase of Urban Views: one that had more of a surreal touch to it.

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