You Are Beautiful

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It’s a simple, but positive message.  It was started here in Chicago. Back in 2002, a group of artists and designers printed stickers to pass on to others and to post them in various places in the hopes that its message would build people up. By 2019, it has grown from stickers that were found on walls and subway stations to public displays (like this one in Andersonville) near parks and schools. Its message has reached worldwide. You are not alone. Believe in yourself. We are all unique.



Simon’s Tavern

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Simon’s Tavern has been in existence since 1934. It is iconic in the Andersonville neighborhood. Located on North Clark Street, it has endured gentrification. While places have come and gone, this old school hangout remains open. The lighted Swedish flag is proudly represented.

Philadelphia Church

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In the mid nineties, I continued to venture into different neighborhoods as a resource to continue my ongoing project on photographing Chicago. The area north of Foster Avenue and Clark Street is known as Andersonville. In 1996, this area was experiencing a revival when new coffee shops and galleries opened. It also became a new hub for the LGBTQ, specifically the Lesbian community. The area maintains its Swedish American heritage and certain icons remain untouched. This is one of them. A former bank, this church has been in the same location since 1940–that sign included!

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