4 HR. Service, 1997

4-Hr-Service©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

Of all the things that have disappeared in Wicker Park, I believe this store front has remained unchanged through it all. I’ve been going to the area since about 1992-93 and this is the same sign that probably has been up for decades. Everything around them has been gentrified. Back in 1993, there was not a lot of places to go into down this stretch and the area would get sketchier the further south you went down Milwaukee Avenue. I used to have this cleaners sign as my landmark to “turn back” to safety. Of course, it probably wasn’t as bad as I originally perceived it.

North Town Frigidare, 1996

North-Town-Refrigeration-2©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

The landscape of the Lincoln Square neighborhood has undergone major changes over the last twenty years. While still hanging on to it’s German roots, this area has definitely gotten more upscale as bistros and specialty shops have opened here. This was the old North Town (as the area was once known) Frigidaire. The old sign hailed back to the days of the local repair man and sales store. These were the days before buying an appliance at Best Buy. This storefront has been gone for years, replaced by a Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop and a Chase Bank.

Bowie Box

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Walking north on Humboldt Boulevard in Logan Square, you’re immediately embraced by the vintage charm of the early 20th century homes and the green space of a grand old boulevard of a bygone era. And then you can stumble upon something like this. This is a book renting box that have been popping up in certain neighborhoods in Chicago lately. I was very fond of this particular one. RIP David Bowie.

Scenes From Pilsen #1

img_0719img_2689©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

The first in a series of photos I took while visiting Pilsen. I’ve been to this Near South Side  (of Chicago) neighborhood a lot recently. It’s rich with Mexican heritage. Murals are everywhere and they all tell stories and speak loudly.

Alley Mural- Lincoln Square

hipstamaticphoto-529965233.529644©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

Saw this while heading to the Western Brown Line stop. I was messing around with Hipstamatic at the time. It reminds me of some of the cross-processing experiments I did back in the 90’s. Cross Processing for those who don’t know is where you would shoot color slide film and then have it processed in C-41 color print film development. This rather rogue method would create exaggerated contrast and color shifts to the images.

Bank Mural, Logan Square

hipstamaticphoto-551136554.242189©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

So about twenty five years ago, the former LaSalle Bank had a mural depicting a tragic arson fire where three firefighters lost their lives. It was a huge mural and was magnificent. Then, sometime in the late 90’s to early 2000’s, Bank of America said it needed remove the mural due to weather damage. In response to the outcry of taking the original away, the bank commissioned some artists to remake the mural on a billboard away from the bank’s wall. The newer mural, although a close copy, does not quite live up to the original’s emotion and grace.

Diversey-River Bowl 1996

diversey-river-bowl©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

This great old sign was beckoning for me to capture it one day in 1996. Diversey-River Bowl is located on Logan Boulevard and Diversey Parkway. Much of the area has changed since this photo was taken. New condo lofts and retail have taken over by the river,  removing the grittiness the area once had. Today,  the sign has been updated with a LED readout. The Lathrop Homes (public housing complex)  just east of there remains as the city is currently renovating them.

Rainy Morning

8A9B1A72-136C-4A16-A7FC-7C3CB9FAC132©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

It was a rainy Saturday morning. About 6:20 AM to be exact. I stopped into the Jefferson Park Starbucks to grab some coffee before work. Being up that early sometimes brings the unexpected.

Metra Tracks, River West 1996

River-West-2©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

It’s amazing how much this area has changed since I stood in the cold drizzle to photograph this scene. This was near Chicago Avenue and Odgen. New homes went up around here since then and a lot of the older homes were rehabbed. That day, I was more interested in capturing the low clouds that shrouded the skyline. Didn’t quite see how much would change in twenty years.

Look Into Our Eyes

IMG_7766©2019 Michael Priorie. All Rights Reserved.

I found this mural striking. I was walking up Damen Avenue one fall afternoon and stopped in my tracks. I took out my iPhone and captured this. It wasn’t until later that I realized what a strong image it was.

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